Top 5 Universities to Pursue PhD in Chemistry in UK

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Chemistry examines the makeup, organisation, and activity of the atoms and molecules that comprise all types of matter. The chemistry industry offers food-grade materials, medicines to treat illnesses, and science to help preserve the environment. A degree in chemistry may lead to a wide range of careers.

A chemistry undergraduate degree from a UK institution will equip students for scientific professions in business and industry or postgraduate studies in chemistry. Understanding the world at the atomic level is vital to all science disciplines.

Many UK universities offer chemistry degrees. However, certain schools stand out. To study chemistry below, you can read more about the top five UK institutions (Guardian University Guide 2021). Factors contributing to a university’s performance are graduate prospects, industry linkages, and student satisfaction scores.

The University of Oxford

The Institution of Oxford is the oldest University in the English-speaking world and has been ranked as the top University for five years (Times Higher Education World Rankings). The University has 39 colleges, more than 100 libraries, and 10,900 students from 160 different countries and territories make up more than one-third of Oxford’s student body.

According to the University, Oxford has one of the top chemistry departments in the world, with cutting-edge teaching and research facilities and top-notch research in a variety of fields, including synthesis and catalysis, medicinal and biological chemistry, sustainable energy, advanced materials, novel measurement, and theoretical and computational chemistry.

Durham University

Established in 1837, Durham University is a collegiate public research university in northern England. The University’s academic departments and 17 colleges carry out most of its duties as a collegiate institution. According to the QS World Rankings 2022, Durham is among the top 55 institutions worldwide for Employer Reputation and has a strong Employability and Careers team.

The University claims that the BSc curriculum is an excellent method to demonstrate degree-level reading, numeracy, and independent study ability in preparation for a career in, for example, management or finance. A literature-based dissertation is required to finish the degree, and it should be a showcase of your developing research skills as you analyse and evaluate a body of chemical literature.

University of Lincoln

The University of Lincoln is located on the stunning Brayford Pool campus in the heart of the historic city of Lincoln. According to the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2021, Lincoln University is designated TEF Gold for teaching quality. It is among the top 20 in the UK for student experience (11th out of 131).

According to Lincoln, “we seek to link the fundamental domains of chemistry with cutting-edge themes related to the most pressing scientific concerns of the twenty-first century. Nuclear chemistry for reliable power generation; nanotechnology for novel materials and devices; chemistry-biology interaction for new drugs; sensors for forensic and environmental medicine and research; and biotechnology for novel production techniques.

St. Andrews University

It is hardly surprising that the University of St Andrews, a 600-year-old institution, is regarded as a global educational leader. Scotland’s best University, St Andrews, is ranked second in the United Kingdom (Guardian Good University Guide 2021).

After graduation from St. Andrew’s, you will be ready for a job in the chemical industry, working with things like fuels, medicines, and perfumes, so says the university. Chemistry is not the only field that may be pursued, however; materials, medicine, molecular science, and nanotechnology are also possible subfields.

The University of Bristol

The University of Bristol is among the top 10 institutions sought after by leading UK companies (High Fliers 2021), and 11 of its courses are among the top 50 in the world (QS World University Rankings, 2022). (QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022). You’ll experience the flexibility and excitement of living in a major city surrounded by a safe and welcoming campus community if you’re based in Bristol, one of the UK’s most dynamic and creative cities.

This is what the school has to say about itself: “We have earned a reputation as one of the best chemistry departments in the United Kingdom and have an international reputation for our cutting-edge research and excellent education programmes. The world’s best academics, researchers, and students come to us. The BSc Chemistry degree provides a solid grounding in the subject and allows students to focus their studies in their final year.”

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