Top 30 Topics for Marketing Dissertations

Marketing Dissertation
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As a marketing graduate, you will be required to write a dissertation as part of your undergraduate or doctoral program. Branding, link marketing, wired/automated marketing, retail concepts, or any other marketing element can be the topic of your marketing dissertation. Students often need help choosing the ideal topic for their marketing dissertation. For this reason, LiveWebTutors marketing dissertation professionals have compiled a list of the latest arguments you can use for your marketing dissertation to motivate you to get started with the topic recommendations. To learn more, keep reading this blog!

Marketing Dissertation Topics

  • What are the motivations and goals of the assistance programs for businesses to include customers in the long series?
  • How much does Cafe Nero’s app encourage customer loyalty?
  • How and why may social media be used in communication marketing to attract new customers?
  • How does production variation affect both high-contact producers and low-contact producers’ levels of patriotism?
  • Can retailers of leisure items overcome challenges by replacing bolt-in customers with others through different advantages and goods?
  • How can business owners deal with consumers’ polygamous behavior?
  • COVID-19-era computerized communication economics: evaluating the extent of customization and personalization.
  • Increasing policy support via long-value distribution management: an analysis of UK health brands.
  • What obstacles does the competitive industrial environment of today present for Tesco’s support card system?
  • A correlation of department store merchants in the UK was used to examine the connection between observed risk and brand investment.
  • What effects does modernization have on consumer brand resonance? Do customers understand a brand’s advantages? This question is addressed in a process analysis of reception brands compelled to innovate by COVID-19. Starbucks vs. McDonald’s processes.

MBA Marketing Topics

The marketing dissertation themes below can be used as a resource by MBA marketing students.

  • Using social systems, while looking for new markets and fostering consumer interest.
  • Systems that businesses utilize to respond to customer boycotts.
  • The joint buy position in a struggling industry.
  • Do modernizations help increase the number of customers?
  • The connection between a system’s characteristics and its location in space.
  • The advantages that groups experience when their efforts are customized.
  • Mobile commerce’s advantages and disadvantages.
  • The fluctuation in property values on both offline and online marketplaces.
  • How important is branding to a company’s development?
  • Do brand selling strategies contain appropriate restrictions?
  • What distinguishing qualities characterize online shopping?

Topics in B2B Marketing

Here are some B2B marketing dissertation topics.

  • Modifying the management of the marketing. What new models, roles, procedures, and methods are there?
  • Making the Idea Organization: How to set up brand advantage generates leads, and piques customer attention through anticipated control.
  • Adopting a Data Burst Love. Using analytics’ potential to improve planning, margin control, and results.
  • Planning for the social B2B buyer. Determining the acceptable commercial difference between the old civil user and the traditional customs.
  • Sales channel facilitation. Enhancing the effect of your enabling initiatives across direct and auxiliary demand channels.
  • Paltry Commerce’s Next Generation Account. Creating the model, the personnel, and the mix for the whole business and distribution cycle.
  • Digital marketing-related topics
  • A selection of dissertation themes for digital marketing is provided below.
  • How does the worth of factors influencing wire commerce vary according to the kind of quantity in the UK works trade?
  • In an aggressive networked condition, do consumers react unfavorably to short- and long-term actions? A wire record deal’s method.
  • How does the availability of wire conversation spaces impact users’ re-engagement with civil form sets’ direct selling promotions?
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of direct selling by vision brands on YouTube.
  • How does the community (tone) of telemarketers impact customer feedback in an increasingly varied global business environment?
  • Do users pick up self-care skills from deceptive direct selling techniques used by civil forms advertising companies?

Dissertation Topics in Relationship Marketing

Building lasting ties with consumers is the goal of relationship marketing. This tactic enables businesses to draw in new clients while preserving client loyalty, encouraging repeat business for the individual business. Relationship marketing, which offers you a variety of dissertation topics, may be an excellent foundation for your marketing dissertation writing in today’s current corporate environment.

  • COVID-19-era digital relationship marketing: examining the value of customization and personalization.
  • Examining customer-centric marketing tactics to provide the company with a competitive edge and ensure ongoing economic success.
  • How information technology is changing how marketers think about deceptive advertising.
  • Customer loyalty: A matter of attitude or behavior? A mixed-method investigation.
  • A critique of Nike’s relationship marketing initiatives.

Dissertation Topics in Branding

A brand is who you are, and marketing is the strategy you use to increase brand awareness. Advertising a brand’s goods and services in their entirety Branding is the study of how companies can use their brands to gain a competitive advantage, such as managing global brands, launching brand extensions, and creating brand equity. Here are some dissertation topics on branding to get you started:

  • How can consumer brand resonance affect innovation? A case study of hospitality businesses who COVID-19 compelled to innovate
  • Starbucks vs. McDonald’s: Do customers comprehend a company’s brand values?
  • A case study on making a brand more salient using digital techniques.
  • Using social media marketing to promote small businesses’ branding.
  • The impact of unethical behavior on a brand’s reputation: Starbucks, Nike, and Shell.

Dissertation Topics in Direct Marketing

The idea of direct marketing is beneficial to businesses as technology evolves because it allows them to communicate directly with customers through advertising services such as emails, online advertising, flyers, database marketing, sales letters, newspapers, outdoor advertising, telephone text messaging, magazine advertising, coupons, phone calls, postcards, and websites. Businesses can offer the most relevant goods and services to their customers through direct marketing to identify their individual needs. Below are some suggestions for dissertation topics in direct marketing:

  • How do customers’ reactions to direct sales pitches in social media contexts depend on the availability of free online chat rooms?
  • The efficiency of direct marketing for beauty businesses on YouTube: Analysis
  • Benefits and drawbacks of direct marketing: contacting clients via SMS and email.
  • Using social media to lower direct marketing expenses
  • Amazon Case Study: Brand Loyalty And Customer Satisfaction In Online Retailing

Deliver the Perfectly Written Marketing Dissertation

A dissertation can be challenging because it requires a lot of independent research. In your marketing dissertation, you should demonstrate your ability to think critically and analytically. You need to research thoroughly for your marketing dissertation and support each of your claims with evidence. To deliver a flawlessly written marketing dissertation, you should first choose a topic that interests you. This will help you understand and clearly state your points. You should be sure that the topic you choose will be relevant to your professional future

You can search current events, scientific publications, and academic journals for marketing topic ideas. After you have decided on a topic, you will need to formulate a research question. When formulating a research topic, it is important to consider how primary and secondary sources will help you answer the question. Gather the data you need for your study and create an outline for your marketing dissertation. Revising, editing, proofreading your dissertation help, and making necessary adjustments are the final and most important steps on the way to a flawlessly written marketing dissertation. Once you are satisfied with the document, revise your marketing dissertation as often as possible.

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