Top 30 Dissertation Topics in Nursing

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Like any other paper, the thesis in nursing must be submitted before you receive your nursing degree. Usually, you create this thesis to demonstrate your expertise in a specific area of nursing.

However, nursing is an extensive field, much like medicine. Therefore, choosing a relevant topic can take time and effort. However, this difficulty can be overcome if you are clear about your interests and the requirements of the research and seek outside help.

Below, we will go over the steps involved in writing nursing research papers and provide you with some nursing dissertation topics that can help you in your selection process.

What to consider when choosing a nursing research paper topic?

Nursing dissertation topics are essential. Therefore, it is important to study them thoroughly before selecting one. You need to spend time and effort to choose a suitable topic:

  • Fascinating
  • Important
  • Explorative
  • Precise
  • Original
  • Valuable

Ask your professors or thesis advisors for suggestions on how to make your thesis more specific. These guidelines will help your study time be more effective.

Nursing research topics

A list of potential nursing issues, categorized by topic, is provided below:

Infant breastfeeding

You can conduct a study on subjects connected to children’s nursing if you wish to specialize in paediatric nursing. Consider the following study nursing thesis examples:

  1. How antibiotics affect kids’ immune
  2. Ethics in paediatric care
  3. Developments in the treatment of paediatric cancer
  4. Genetic factors on childhood diabetes
  5. The impact of a child’s health later in life
  6. Improving child care in hospitals with inpatient stays
  7. Children’s obesity prevention
  8. Preventing childhood malnutrition
  9. Infants with antibiotic resistance
  10. Children who are obese
Senior nursing

The care of patients aged 18 and above is referred to as adult nursing. You can pick from any of the following subjects if you want to create nursing thesis papers for this nursing career:

  1. Examining the benefits of teamwork in nursing
  2. Examining the origins of depression
  3. An analysis of the history and value of nursing in medical services
  4. Non-drug treatments for bipolar disorders
  5. Morality of euthanasia
  6. History of treatments for panic disorder
  7. Triggers for the severe anxiety condition
  8. Examining the dental and oral health of a region
  9. Treatment for eating disorders
Obstetrics nursing

A practitioner who has completed midwifery school is known as a midwife and is in charge of providing care for women during childbirth. You should research the subject if you wish to become a midwife as a career. Here are some concepts for nursing theses:

  1. Minority populations’ history with midwifery
  2. Examining autistic women’s labour and delivery experiences
  3. The bond between mothers and children during postpartum care
  4. A review of postpartum depression therapies
  5. Case studies of successful deliveries
  6. Case studies of favourable postnatal circumstances
  7. Coping with the difficulties of being a parent via challenging births
  8. Research on non-prescription painkillers in labour
  9. Conditions addressed when pregnant
  10. Pregnancy-related hypertension treatments
Aging nursing

Elderly nursing refers to the care provided to patients over 65. If you are interested in this area, think about a nursing dissertation thesis topic that addresses the care of elderly patients. Here are some issues to consider:

  1. Aging-related factors and cardiovascular deterioration
  2. Nutrition as a factor in dementia study
  3. Examining how aging affects the immune system
  4. Looking at signs of malnutrition in the elderly
  5. Efforts to enhance the elderly’s pain management
  6. Parkinson’s disease as a case study
  7. Senior patient critical care ethics
  8. Efforts to improve older people’s oral health
  9. Cardiovascular risk reduction
  10. Drugs for Alzheimer’s illness

Guidelines for writing a solid thesis in nursing

Successfully writing a thesis is not an easy process. You need to locate trustworthy sources for your literature review and set aside adequate time for research, writing, editing, and so on. Moreover, these processes are very complex. You need to put in more effort to write an excellent thesis.

Below are some tips from experts on how to write a fantastic thesis for nursing students:

– Choose the best topic.

Most papers are much easier to examine if there is a great research area. Everything that happens during the analysis and writing of the paper is based on the research topic. Whatever the topic is, make sure you are passionate about it and that there are enough sources of information available.

Also, if you have any doubts about the acceptability of the topic, seek the opinion of your advisor. You will save time and effort if you approach the topic properly.

– Adequate planning

Writing a top-notch dissertation is doable with proper pre-planning by the student. These preparations include gathering enough reading material, sifting through it, taking notes, and setting up a suitable workspace, to name a few points.

– Divide tasks.

Large undertakings should be broken down into smaller, more manageable tasks. When working alone, you need to complete one task at a time to stay motivated. This is better accomplished by setting a deadline for each task.

– Schedule time for it

With a schedule, time can be used effectively. It is best to schedule specific periods of time for different tasks and stick to the schedule. It proves helpful to create a schedule at this time.

– Ask for help

Even if you are working in a team, there may be tasks that you are not confident about. With this help, you will find the task easier so that you can do your best.


It should come as no surprise that writing a thesis in nursing can be difficult, especially when choosing a topic. However, if you follow the instructions, it should be easier for you. Information is also so important because it is the foundation of any paper.

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