The Truth about Bathing Ape Hoodies

Bathing Ape Hoodies
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The Truth about Bathing Ape Hoodies

The Truth about Bathing Ape Hoodies How would you feel if I told you that your $100 Bathing Ape hoodie was made in Bangladesh, and not Japan? This may sound like it’s too good to be true, but unfortunately, it’s true that many of the BAPE hoodies and shirts on sale in the United States are made in Asian sweatshops, not in Japan where you were probably led to believe they were manufactured. When you buy BAPE Hoodie First Time, you want it to be authentic, so make sure that you’re making an informed decision before purchasing one of these overpriced garments.

Should you buy the original BAPE hoodie?

The question isn’t whether you should buy a BAPE hoodie, but which one? Despite what you might think, not all of them are created equal. Read on to learn how to spot quality when shopping for a brand-name hoodie like BAPE.


What size do I buy?

If you’re buying a BAPE hoodie or BAPE shirt, it can be tough to know what size to get. There are no in-between sizes: they run extra-large or extra small, so which one is it? This post will give you all of your sizing options and help you choose which one is right for you.

Where should I buy it from?

The first thing to look for when purchasing a Bathing Ape Hoodie is how many inks were used. Look at pictures and descriptions of other shirts on eBay, and you’ll find plenty of fakes that use only two or three colors. Genuine Bape uses over 15 colors, so don’t buy if it doesn’t say how many colors are used.

Is it worth waiting for drops?

For many, BAPE clothing is synonymous with hype. They’re one of those brands that people camp out for in freezing weather (okay, maybe it’s not quite as bad as waiting in line for days on end to be one of the first few hundred to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens), only to find out there are probably better hoodies/shirts/pants that they could have gotten with their time. But should you really care about these hyped drops?

Will I get scammed if I buy online?

The truth is that you may, if you don’t do your research and know what to look for. There are a number of warning signs that you can use to determine whether or not a seller is legitimate.

How do I know if my item is authentic?

Any reputable seller of brand-name merchandise is going to offer some guarantee of authenticity. You can always contact BAPE’s customer service, who will be able to verify whether or not your item is an authentic Bathing Ape product. They can also inform you if it isn’t.

Why are some products more expensive than others?

The truth is, most expensive products aren’t necessarily worth their cost; it’s not always about paying more for a better product. Instead, many higher-priced items exist because of what I call arbitrage pricing: in other words, someone figured out how to sell something for more than its actual value.

Why are some colors more expensive than others?

The first thing you need to know is that real BAPE clothing comes in a vast range of colors and patterns, from baby pink camo to black-and-white striped pullovers. If you’re buying from a trusted seller, there’s no reason why you can’t pick out whatever design catches your eye.

Can I wash my BAPE items in the washing machine?

Sometimes. But if you’re purchasing one of our more expensive items, like a full-zip hoodie or ski jacket, washing it in a machine can damage your investment. Stick to dry cleaning for these pieces to make sure they last. For all other items, there’s nothing wrong with running them through a wash cycle—but be aware that certain types of BAPE clothing might fall apart in high heat (like many brands of jeans).

Top 5 Bathing Ape Hoodies

Whichever way you spell it, BAPE hoodies are the ultimate in hoodie fashion. And with so many different styles available, it can be hard to figure out which one to get. But if you’re looking for something warm and cozy to keep you stylishly warm this winter, look no further than these top 5 BAPE hoodies that we’ve picked out here!

The History Of BAPE

BAPE was founded in 1993 by Nigo. It first began as a small streetwear brand but expanded into other ventures such as music and art. The name A Bathing Ape comes from the Island of The Apes and is a parody of how Japanese people pronounce apes. BAPE is well known for its shark hoodie design, made famous by Pharrell Williams’ admiration for BAPE Guest posting sites.

Where to Buy BAPE Hoodies

Online or In-Store? : BAPE is a coveted clothing brand in Japan, as well as other parts of Asia. In fact, even mainstream retailers like Urban Outfitters carry BAPE’s branded merchandise. If you want to buy a BAPE hoodie, where should you go? Online or in-store? To find out more about buying your own BAPE hoodie, keep reading.

What Kind of BAPE Sweater To Get

I’ve seen BAPE sweaters all over my hometown, and I can’t help but think that I’m missing out on something. Maybe it’s just me, but there are a couple of things I keep wondering when it comes to BAPE—the streetwear brand founded in 1993 by Japanese designer Nigo. For example, why do so many people flock to these seemingly ugly sweaters? What makes them popular? And most importantly: Where can I get one for myself?

How Much is a BAPE Sweater?

The Truth, When you buy a BAPE hoodie, you’re not just buying clothing. You’re buying into a lifestyle. In fact, when we say BAPE clothing, most people think of a BAPE hoodie or sweater first and foremost. Don’t believe us? Check out some of our favourite sweatshirts

Best Places To Find Cheap BAPE Sweaters
  1. Thrift Stores – Thrift stores are a great place to find inexpensive vintage BAPE merchandise. Although it will be used, you should be able to snag a great bargain on a rare hoodie for less than $10 if you’re lucky! 2. eBay – These days, you can find anything on eBay and that includes discount designer apparel.
Bathing Ape

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The history of the brand

In 1991, a student named NIGO opened up his own store called BAPESTA in Japan. With only $1000 in his pocket, he scoured flea markets and used clothing stores to acquire secondhand clothes that he then sold at his store. This was when he discovered BAPE: Before Any Production Era.

The name of the brand

BAPE was originally called Bathing Ape, but to avoid a legal conflict with Sanrio (the creator of Hello Kitty), it was eventually shortened to just BAPE. The Truth, The full name is still used in some regions, such as Japan and Korea.

Where the brand is today

BAPE was founded in 1993, opening its first store in Tokyo’s Harajuku district. According to Highsnobiety, A Bathing Ape was among a handful of brands at the forefront of Japanese streetwear during its golden era, alongside now-classic labels like Undercover and NEIGHBORHOOD. BAPE quickly gained international fame through hip-hop royalty like Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, who wore his items on stage while performing with The Neptunes.

Where does it go from here?

It’s quite simple really, The Truth, BAPE stands for Bathing Ape. I know what you’re thinking, where did they get Bathing from? For starters, we are all in need of bathing from time to time.

Fun facts about the brand

It is a Japanese company that sells mostly clothing and accessories. The name comes from a 1980s British cartoon show called A BUNCH OF APES, as well as it also comes from BAP, which is short for Bape (meaning bathing ape). It has made a lot of collaborations with brands like Disney, Adidas, etc. Although it was founded in 1993, it didn’t sell its first t-shirt until 2001.

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