The importance of cleaning in educational centers

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The importance of cleaning in educational centers

Female teacher cleaning classroom during COVID-19 pandemic A mixed race female teacher wearing a protective face mask and surgical gloves disinfects a desk with a plexiglass divider to protect students from infection during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cleanliness of the school: stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Cleaning in educational centers is vital because they are spaces where many people live together. Know the keys to cleaning in these institutions.

One of the main concerns of the authorities and society during the pandemic has been the return to schools and educational centers. There have been many parents, students, and teachers who have doubted the safety of re-entering a class full of students. Undoubtedly, the importance of cleaning in educational centers has become even more clear since the Covid-19 pandemic, demonstrating that it is essential to prevent contagion in the classroom.

Educational centers are spaces where many people live for many hours each day. In the same center children, teachers, and administrative staff, among others, coincide. In addition, most of its occupants are children and young people, who are more prone to contracting diseases and infections or becoming infected more quickly, because they are not as aware of the seriousness of this problem as an adult can be.

Therefore, it is convenient to carry out a good disinfection to avoid an accumulation of dirt and bacteria. In fact, the proper sanitation and cleanliness of educational centers are one of the issues that most concern families and students themselves, who want to avoid any type of disease and, above all, prevent such diseases from entering their homes.

For this reason, to take care of the well-being of the little ones, a superficial cleaning is not enough, but it is necessary to hire a company specialized in cleaning services in educational centers, which carries out correct cleaning and disinfection task.

In this article, we will tell you the reasons cleaning in educational centers is so important and we will give you the keys with which to hire the best cleaning service for your institution.

4 reasons to hire a comprehensive cleaning services company in educational centers

Carrying out specific tasks for deep cleaning in educational centers

Cleaning schools, institutes and other educational institutions usually require a series of specific tasks that are not common in homes to achieve optimal and adequate results. Likewise, it is necessary to adapt to the needs of each center. Educational centers show different needs and weaknesses due to their activity, so finding a partner that understands what the particularities and times of these centers are is essential.

Cleaning service companies specialized in educational centers have specific processes to carry out cleaning and disinfection of schools and know what parameters must be taken into account. 

For example, they pay attention to the number of children in the center, the uses of each classroom, the environment where the space in question is located, specific facilities, as well as events carried out by the center, etc. A comprehensive service company can adapt perfectly to the demands.

Use of equipment and products for a specialized cleaning service in educational centers  

To clean schools, basic cleaning products and utensils are not enough. It is necessary to use professional equipment and specific machinery.

Hygiene, cleaning, and disinfection that are achieved with professional machines are much higher than that of basic cleaning. Thanks to them, all the germs and bacteria that usually remain on the surfaces of any furniture such as tables and chairs, and which are highly frequented by students, can be eliminated. These types of areas are called hot spots and cleaning professionals are best suited to deal with them. 

In addition, it is essential to have special products for this type of environment. Ozone cleaning is very useful for disinfecting the surfaces of these spaces as much as possible, something very difficult to achieve with basic cleaning detergents.

Qualified and experienced staff

A specialized cleaning company has perfectly qualified personnel with the experience to provide a quality service. These companies hire expert professionals in the sector who can solve any problem that may arise in the best possible way.

The cleaning staff of a company of this type knows how to perform each task and what products to use when cleaning each space, without putting the students at risk or harming the state of the facilities.

In this way, hiring a cleaning company will ensure that cleaning is carried out in the proper order and in the proper manner, and that waste is treated correctly, preventing possible contamination risks.

Monitoring of specific protocols for cleaning in educational centers

Besides the technical issues that we have discussed above, the cleaning companies of educational centers must follow specific procedures imposed by the regulatory authorities, which guarantee safety in the classrooms. 

To proceed with the cleaning of educational institutions, it is necessary that the company that is in charge of it knows its facilities very well to establish order in the different areas and that each of them receives attention. A schedule must also be determined where the tasks to be carried out daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly are established. The order and procedure of these tasks are of vital importance, in this way the risk of contagion is avoided, and we achieved hygiene objectives. Likewise, drawing up an action protocol is essential to control the cleaning work and propose possible improvements in the future.

As we said at the beginning of this article, cleaning in educational centers has always been a must, but the pandemic has made this take on new meaning.

Analyzing all these factors, having a professional cleaning service that is an expert in the education sector will cover all the cleaning needs of the centers. 

When choosing the right cleaning company, we must take several things into account. Many companies offer basic cleaning services, however, as we have seen, cleaning in schools is not something to be taken lightly. 

Invest in a cleaning team for your educational center

SCS Group Integrated Services Facility Services is a full-service company specializing in the disinfection and cleaning of educational centers. We have been helping schools, institutes, universities, and other educational institutions to raise their hygiene standards for over 15 years. 

With SCS Group Integrated Services, you get the 4 steps previously exposed in a single service. This means great cost savings for the contracting center, a single company that provides comprehensive outsourced services. 

Do you want to know more about Facility Services and their service benefits? Look at our article “What to consider when hiring a cleaning service for an educational center?” We are sure that it will clarify all your doubts.

If you liked our article you can also visit our blog. You will find much more information on how to improve cleanliness in educational centers.


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