Mask cleaning: steps to follow for disinfection

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Mask cleaning: steps to follow for disinfection

The mask has become one more garment in our clothing, in our wardrobe. This device is designed to protect us from inhaling dangerous particles is one more element of our lives, and as such it must be cleaned and cared for properly. But how should we do it, especially in the ups and downs of the office?

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Next, on the blog of SCS Group Cleaning Solution office cleaning companies, we talk about how to clean and store masks at work to minimize the risk of contagion.


To wash the masks, you must follow the washing methods recommended by the Department of Health stated above. If you wash them in the washing machine with the laundry, you can add a disinfectant for washing at the end in the softener drawer. You can use bleach and also a specific product (choose one of the textile disinfectants that we show here), which are also valid with washing separately in a basin.

FFP2 masks, can they be washed?

FFP2 masks are part of the so-called Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), recommended for professional use in high-risk environments or when a person has to be in close contact with an infected person. Their use has become popular, so we will tempt many people who use them to wash them to reuse them. However, it should not be done: these masks are designed, as a general rule, as non-reusable material (“NR”).In some cases, they can be reused (in this case we must mark them as “R”), but for this, we must follow a professional disinfection procedure.

The same happens with surgical masks, preferentially sold in pharmacies: we design them for single use.

Do the masks need to be ironed?

There are some masks that recommend ironing: this is a particular requirement for a type of water-repellent treatment that the fibers need to recover their structure. Light ironing is not harmful to these textile masks, but we recommend you follow the instructions.

How should we treat the mask in the office?

With the return to work and offices, workers have the added stress of having to worry about maintaining a healthy space around them to minimize the proliferation of viruses and bacteria. We know that in an office there are many elements of everyday use, such as computers and keyboards, bathrooms, doors, printers… even the coffee machine has become a potentially dangerous element Guest posting sites.

Therefore, in the first place, it is recommended to follow all the basic measures. That is frequent hand washing, hydroalcoholic gel in view of all employees to use it, etc. We must remember we should respect as long the use of a mask as we cannot keep a distance of 2 meters from our colleagues.

It is important to highlight that using the mask correctly during the workday is vital. Let’s see what aspects we must consider:

  1. Change it every 4 hours. With hygienic or surgical masks, it is essential to change them every 4 hours so that the filtering of harmful particles continues to be effective.
  2. Cloth masks? We must also change frequently the filter, and wash the cover after each workday. Doing it with a textile disinfectant will be ideal. We firmly believe that a bactericidal product that can eliminate viruses and bacteria up to 99.9% is the safest option.
  3. If you work isolated from the rest or at a considerable distance, you can do without it. To keep it in good condition until the next use, it is advisable to store it in a cotton bag or similar.
    In case of coughing or sneezing, it is vitally important to use disposable tissues and throw them away after a single use.

Our method of office cleaning service

At SCS Group Cleaning Solution we are committed to sustainability. Thus, in our cleaning service we use biodegradable and ecological materials of the highest quality, as well as we make available to our clients the most powerful disinfectant against COVID-19 that can currently be purchased on the market. Because the disinfection of workspaces is our top priority. We are very aware of respecting natural resources. Therefore, we use the smallest volume of water possible in each of our services.

The aim is to combine our effective cleaning method with the acquisition of new employee habits as a prevention strategy. Only in this way can we can minimize the appearance of harmful microorganisms. 

In short, we think how important cleaning a mask for individual use is to enhance its effectiveness as an office cleaning service. It is an indivisible set with which we will leave work spaces free of pathogens. We must not forget that we must comply with health recommendations in any place and situation. We want to guarantee cleanliness and the promotion of a healthy space at work to achieve a greater sense of well-being and security.

As a result, productivity at work will increase remarkably.


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