Carelogic Vs. Charmhealth: Battle to be Best

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Both software can perform EHR functions very well. These software offer incredible electronic medical solutions to their users. Each software offers exceptional flexibility thanks to the many features and tools it provides. These software allow clinicians and practitioners to access all necessary tools to carry out their daily tasks. These software can be used as a management tool to give the user complete control over their operations.

Carelogic Outline

Qualifacts Carelogic, a software company, offers a variety of software to meet different operational needs. Carelogic, a cloud-based electronic medical records software that can be used by hospitals ranging in size from small to large, is one of their products. This software is more suitable for mental and behavioral health specialists. CareLogic was specifically designed for human service organizations. It is highly configurable and empowers healthcare providers. They can access a full suite of financial, administrative, and clinical solutions. It’s a flexible EHR platform that can be configured to enhance outcomes. It also increases efficiency and shows performance.

Carelogic Qualifacts’ key Features:

  • Employee Management.
  • Medical Billing.
  • Self Service Portal.
  • Document Management.
  • Treatment Planning.
  • Initial Assessments.
  • Case Management

Carelogic Demo: What is the Best Way to Request?

It is easy to request a demo. To request a demo, customers need to visit the company’s website and fill out a form. The sales representative will then contact customers to inform them about carelogic enterprises, their features, and other details. The company does offer a free trial of the software.

Pricing: How to Get The Best Deal ?

Qualifacts doesn’t offer pricing information for Carelogic on its website. This is the company’s marketing strategy. The software is tailored to the needs of each customer. Any interested client can visit any third-party vendor to get a price quote and then go from there. The software is not available for free.

Carelogic Reviews & How They Look Like ?

The software has received very positive reviews on the internet. Based on 346 user reviews, the software has been rated 3.95 by Based on 30 user reviews, it is also rated at at 3.8.

Charmhealth Features

CharmHealth EMR is cloud-based software that has been certified by the company. It provides billing and management solutions for users, which can be used to support health care organizations. It can be used by large multi-specialty offices as well as smaller independent offices to improve their functional efficiency. This software can help you achieve that goal. There are many mobile apps and add-ons that offer integration with a growing number of partners. CharmHealth APIs, including FHIR APIs, are readily available to help you meet your evolving needs.

Here are some of the key features of CharmHealth’s EMR:

  • Practice Management.
  • Customizable Dashboard.
  • Remittance Advice.
  • Claims Scrubbing.
  • Code & Charge Entry.
  • Compliance Tracking.
  • Self Service Portal.

Charm EMR Demo: What to ask for?

Anyone interested in the software must visit the company’s website and complete a form. The sales representative will then contact the interested party to inform them about the software’s features. Charmhealth customizes the software to meet the needs of each customer. The software is not available for free.

Charm EMR Pricing: How Do You Navigate It?

The website does not provide pricing information for the software. Pricing is straightforward and helps customers better manage their budget. Pricing starts at $0.5 per encountermonth (monthly minimun of $25) for the lower-tier version. The higher tier version costs $350 per providermonth. The software is also available in a free version.

Charm EMR Reviews: How Do They Compare?

It is well-received online and has received many positive reviews. Based on 112 reviews, it is rated at 4.45 by It is also rated 4.8\5 on based I 1618 user reviews.

Major Shortcoming of Each Software


  • This software only has limited reporting capabilities.
  • The software is not updated often.
  • The ticketing system for software is not responsive.
  • The software freezes frequently.


  • Downloading the notes can be difficult.
  • The user cannot add codes to specific bills.
  • The software is not customizable.
  • The interface used as a learning tool.

Future Prospects of Each Software

Both CharmHealth and Carelogic are very good software that is on the road to great success. While one may be more prominent in the EMR market, both software companies are promising great returns. Carelogic decided to invest some revenue in their software development and new tools. CharmHealth has opened new offices in new areas. They are looking to expand their reach and increase their customer base. They also invest in customer service. These incentives will help them build a larger client base.


Both software offer excellent services to their customers. Each software has its flaws and missing features that they are working to fix. Customers who are using their software are extremely satisfied. A new business that is considering using one of these software in its facility should keep these things in mind. First, they need to evaluate themselves and create a list of all their operational requirements and needs. They should also know their budgetary limitations. After evaluating their needs and determining which software is best for them, the customer must decide which software they will use for EMR purposes. It is difficult to switch to another software after a software has been adapted.

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